Phos Hilaron Findings

Who needs a Havana Brown Cat? 


Oh, extroverts will do just as well with Havana Browns, they are the friendliest cats after all and enjoy just about anyone's company, but introverts are especially suited to appreciate these cats' precious personalities. Four big reasons introverts can appreciate Havana Browns:


1. You're home! Hello! 

It is most likely that your HB will greet you at the door when you get home from work. There may be a few exceptions - they just fell asleep after a particularly long session of squirrel…

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2017 Meet the Breeds 

It was a pleasure to join LeAnn Rupy and Dan and Tina Hocker in manning the Havana Brown booth at the 2017 Meet the Breeds in New York City this past weekend.  Besides the fabulous human company we also had four cats including my DeBussy.  Everyone comported themselves beautifully and DeBussy even got her picture on the New York Times website as part of an article.  I posted it on my pictures page along with the link for the curious.  Enjoy!

Picture: LeAnn Rupy with PhosHilaron's Obrecht

2016 CFA International Cat Show - Red Show 

Saturday and Sunday November 19 & 20, 2016 was the CFA International Cat Show which was held in Novi, MI this year.  It was a busy show with over 700 registered cats and a lot of great vendors.  I entered Obi in the Red Show and she received best Havana Brown cat in six out of seven rings, and Judge Yaeko Takano used her in a final where she was awarded 4th Best Champion and 3rd Best Shorthair Champion.  I'm happy to say she loves showing and was playful and attentive in every ring.  

While there I also…

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