When you love cats, it can be hard to pick a favorite breed, but ever since our first meeting in 2012 I knew Havana Browns were a special breed and the breed for me.

Havanas are people-oriented and need human interaction.  There are variations of personality within the breed, with some being more reserved, but on the whole Havana Browns are playful, interactive cats who will want to be part of the action of your life.  They prefer not to be left alone for long periods of time and are delightfully outgoing.  Due to their inquisitive and confident natures, they will delight in investigating anything new you bring into the house.  A Havana Brown is therefore a great choice for someone who wants a companion cat - a cat that wants to spend time with their human - and they do well when there is another cat in the household to also play with and keep them company.  For all these reasons they are sometimes described as 'dog-like'.

Havana Browns originated in England from breeders who wanted a self-brown cat.  They were brought to the United States in the 1950's and are one of the rarer breeds.  Their most visibly outstanding features are their warm, even, short brown coat and unique head shape.  The coat should be smooth and lie close to the body.  When looking at their heads, a Havana has a distinctive muzzle with a stop at the nose you can see when viewed in profile and a break on either side of its whisker pads that can make it look like it's been stuck on the end of the face.  The ears should be large, rounded, and wide-set with a slight forward tilt and little hair.  Eyes should be an even shade of green.  

Overall the Havana Brown is a medium cat, with females weighing approximately 6-8 pounds and males weighing approximately 8-10 pounds when fully grown.  They are power and elegance combined into a moderate, well balanced, mahogany brown cat who loves to play and loves to sit, and most importantly loves you, their human.  Even now, as I write this, I have one of my lap, and that is one of my favorite traits about this rare, beautiful breed.

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